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I work till the pain is gone, not till the buzzer goes off.


I really enjoyed my massage with Liz. I felt it to be very soothing and comforting. Liz demonstrates deep tissue expertise. I felt my muscles delineated by her touch. The massage was deep but the effect was pleasurably soft and fluid. The muscular sensation I felt was one of pliability. Thank you!  -  Fuad, Massage Therapist


Liz was a true pleasure to trade with. She can really find the"spots" and has no problem going deep. Her feedback is very clear and she is also a very good listener. Her hands are confident, while she is both sweet and professional.  - Doug, Massage Therapist


Liz is great. She has a great technique and intuitiveness to go straight where you are having challenges and break them right up.  Very strong and effective, I feel great.  - Beverly, Massage Therapist


This is probably one of the best informed and professional massages I have had. She knows how to get the job done. If you are looking for a Deep Tissue Massage, she is the person.   - Ron Patzer, Massage Therapist, CAMTC, PhD in Clinical Psychology, (Reichian Therapy)


Liz gives a wonderful deep tissue massage. Nice massage & lady.   - Greg Nuss, Massage Therapist


Liz was kind enough to show up at my Pamper Party at the last minute and pinch-hit a few potential clients. One gal in particular is a fan now! A petite but muscular gal in her 40's didn't think she needed a "tune-up", but Liz went right for the trouble like a dog to a bone...Thanks so much Liz (she DT'd me too for 15 minutes which left me looking forward to next time...) - Steve Oldham, Massage Therapist


 I will be the first to admit, I am not one who knows how to relax very well and therefore have never been a big fan of massages, that is until now. Liz's experience in the industry transfers to her healing hands as she kneads away the stresses and toxins in your muscles. I was fortunate to be a recipient of the "untimed massage", which for someone who plans everything out, you can only imagine what goes against my way of being. I can honestly say this is the first time I was not wondering "when will this be over, I have stuff to do!" and when I looked at the clock, I could not believe it had been almost 2 hours. Afterwards, I was refreshed, rejuvenated and incredibly limber. I would highly recommend Liz and her services to anyone who is looking for someone who takes the time to get the job done right!  - Barbara Simon, Management Consultant


Liz is incredible! The "untimed" full body massage was an amazing experience. "Untimed" you say? Yes! Unlike other massages where they do the exact same thing every time in order to get the full body in the allotted timeframe, Liz works the body how it needs to be worked. She never rushes from one place to another so she doesn't miss anything...she takes her time paying attention to your body and seeing what you actually need work on.   She is unlike other masseuses I have gone to in a few ways.  First, she is very skilled, the way that 18 years of experience gets you. A true expert at her craft. Second, she has great "tableside" manner, visits just enough and then lets you relax and enjoy your experience. I have had some chatty masseuses before and it's not very pleasurable to try and keep a conversation going while trying to relax. Third, I didn't feel rushed, it was so thorough. I felt like every part of my body was paid attention to. Fourth, Liz wasn't afraid to work on the hard stuff. I had been having severe hip pain and she got right in there. It wasn't a gentle boring massage that leaves you wanting more. I felt like my pain was gone, and that somehow during the time I was being worked on I had magically turned into jello. One final bonus was how long the results lasted. Usually within a day I am back to an achy this or hurt that, but I felt great for days after my appointment with Liz.  i will be booking another appointment soon. No doubt about that!   - Haylee R.Twombly, Producer


Liz is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a relaxing massage.   - Alice Tadros, Partner/Attorney at Law at Boyer Tadros Law


As a Certified Massage Therapist I have given and received countless massages. I am very picky about what I like in a massage. I had never had a deep tissue massage that was enjoyable and didn't leave me with bruises in the days to follow.    So when Liz told me her specialty was Deep Tissue, I was skeptical. To my was amazing!    Liz is a true-blue Deep Tissue Therapist.   She really knows her stuff! She is a true healer. She understands that the deeper you go the slower you must go, as to not cause injury.  She has a great knowledge of anatomy!   I had never had a massage that deep and been able to relax and enjoy it...until now. Not even one bruise...amazing!   I literally felt my body releasing, adjusting, and coming into balance, I was very impressed!   Liz is extremely thorough. I never felt like she was watching the clock or just going through a routine. It was very personalized for what I needed.   She listened to my body without me having to say a word. That's what a "true" healer can do!  Liz didn't talk and ramble on through the massage; like so many do...she just let me relax. Yet I knew the communication lines were open if I needed to tell her something or ask a question.  I would and will recommend Liz to anyone that is looking for a great deep tissue massage.      Thank you Liz!     You are Fantastic!   - Deborah Cobb, Certified Integrated Massage Therapist


Liz, you are the BEST! Thank you for your healing hands. The Myotherapy technique did wonders for my back. Thank you for engaging in my journey to health!I was basking in afterglow!  - Andrea Webster, Farmer's Insurance Agent


I have always had a problem with using my phone at work. Holding my phone with my neck and shoulder so my hands are free has caused me major problems with knots and tightness in my neck and shoulders. I've always had the need for deep tissue massage and typically would have to go to an office far from my work, during my work hours and pay a fortune.  Since I have met Liz it has been nothing but happiness and relief from the pain in my neck and shoulders and the pain of finding the time and money. Liz comes to my home on my schedule, bringing her own table and making the experience unlike anything else. Being able to get this kind of service is a place I feel the most comfortable cannot be surpassed.  Liz is reliable, affordable and professional.I am happy to recommend Liz to my friends and family.  - Lisa Davis


As a chiropractor for over 30 years, I have experienced numerous types of bodywork and received countless numbers of massages.Liz Royce is an excellent massage therapist. The first contact is always a telltale sign of the confidence and competence that a bodyworker has. From her first touch, you will absolutely feel your body relax and accept the healing that Liz brings to the table.  Whether it be for simply an hour of relaxation with a deep tissue or specific therapeutic techniques to help you heal from recent or old injuries, Liz delivers a truly top-notch massage experience. Personally, I have been working with Liz on almost a weekly basis for over a year. Her work is an excellent adjunct to support my chiropractic care and personal training. If you are new to massage, Liz will listen to your history and determine through her initial touch of your body, an intuitive plan to make your experience relaxing and rejuvenating. If you are a veteran of massage, having a session with Liz is worth your time and your money to see what perhaps you have been missing.     -  Dr. James F. Proetz, D.C.



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