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I work till the pain is gone, not till the buzzer goes off.




Liz offers a range of massage therapies. Her massages are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. Liz's massage touch tends to be 'deep' but can easily be adjusted at the client's request at any time during the massage for a lighter or deeper pressure. She has been doing massage since 1993 and has a significant number of years of hands-on experience and a total of over 1,600 hours of education. Liz is very confident in offering muscular relief from neck tension, back pain, shoulder pain/frozen shoulder, pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, chronic pain from injuries, and much more, just ask.

Liz specializes in helping people get out of pain for an extended period of time and recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, home and workplace injuries, and other miscellaneous reasons for sore muscles and pain. She can help reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, poor lifting habits, exercising incorrectly, consistent texting, and other injuries/maladies.

Do you know how to receive a massage? Many people expect certain things out of a massage. Some don't know what to expect. The following information may help you in getting the most out of your massage and helping the therapist do what they do best in getting you out of pain.

TIMING - Show up a few minutes early for your session. This allows you to transition into calm, healing space and focus on the massage. It also ensures you'll receive your full time allotment for your massage. When you arrive, be sure to silence your phone so therapist and client can concentrate on the massage and not be interrupted with a phone call or alarm. Let the therapist know if you need to keep your phone near for family emergencies, but please silence your phone anyway. You will feel the vibration I'm sure. If for some reason you are running late to your appointment, please call the therapist as soon as possible to let her know the approximate time of your arrival so she can adjust accordingly. If you need to cancel and/or reschedule the appointment at the last minute, please notify the therapist as soon as possible. We understand things happen at the most inopportune time and traveling to a massage appointment can be one of them. Just be aware that there may be a minimal charge on your next visit but it won't break your bank account. Giving respect to your therapist for being ready for you when you arrive is common courtesy as well as respect for the therapist's time.

YOUR BODY - Massage therapists/bodyworkers have advanced knowledge of tissues and structure as well as a great appreciation for the human body as a whole, no matter its shape or size. So when it comes to undressing for your massage, put aside any inhibitions and worries you have about your body. The best way to enjoy and benefit from a massage is when you are comfortable in your own skin, and minimal clothing if/when necessary. The therapist will never tell you you have to take everything off. It may be a preference in order to work the whole body efficiently. But you, the client, needs to be comfortable so it may be suggested that you keep your underwear (women: panties, bra. men: boxers/briefs) on. For women, it may be necessary to undo your bra when the therapist is working on your back and then, if asked, rehook the bra when she is done.  If you are only having focus areas worked on, like your upper back and neck, then you may not have to undress from the waist down, although you may be more comfortable doing so. It's ALL up to you. The therapist will work around what YOU are comfortable with. Just know that whatever is covered in clothing will NOT get attention, except the glutes over the sheets (and underware), but not the long undershorts that some men wear, only part of the upper leg can be worked on as intended for best results. Along with undressing your clothing, it is preferred to undress your jewelry as well. It makes it challenging and unsmooth for the therapist to have to work around bracelets and necklaces and such when they seem to be easily removable so the therapist can make the massage experience as smooth and connected as possible so the client isn't wondering what the glitch is. So please remove, if possible, watches (electronic wrist bands of any kind), bracelets, necklaces, earrings, finger rings (other than wedding ring), and anything else that you can see may get in the way of a smooth massage. If the therapist sees something that may be possible to remove, she may ask you if you can remove it. If you can't, just say so and she'll work around it.

COMMUNICATE - Please let the therapist know if ANYTHING is uncomfortable for you at ANY time. That could be the temperature of the room, temperature of the table, the lotion being used, the lighting, the music, the need to be face up, the pressure being used, or anything else that comes to mind. You have the right to enjoy your massage so why not speak up when something isn't making it enjoyable. The therapist will do whatever they can in their power to make it the best experience possible.  You may also let the therapist know if you want to talk during your session, or it will happen naturally, or if you would rather just be silent to enjoy and focus on the massage. You may speak at any time before, during, or after the session to communicate with your therapist about what's important to you to accomplish during the session or for the next session.

WATER - Drink it! Your body needs water before (not too much though) and after (plenty of it) a massage. Water hydrates your body and helps the muscles be supple for better manipulation. You might want to use the restroom before getting on the massage table though. It is highly advised to avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind before a massage. Here is why. Although it enhances the massage experience, you won't like the final outcome. You don't want to be getting off the table feeling drunk (especially when you know you had alcohol), dizzy, and nauseated. So don't waste good alcohol or drugs on a massage that can be the best ever. Leave the alcohol and drugs (except prescribed) alone the day of your massage.

NOT WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR - If you call, say, after 8p and are looking to book an appointment that night, you're likely not going to get it. If you're looking for a professional massage, call a place that has professional massage therapists. If you're wanting sex, with or without a massage, DO NOT CALL for a professional massage therapist. Professional Massage Therapists normally do NOT work between 10p-8a. Do NOT ask for 'happy endings' as they are NOT provided or allowed. Professional/Therapeutic massage has nothing to do with sex. Flirting, inappropriate touching, and sexual innuendoes will not be tolerated. It is greatly appreciated if you keep a professional relationship with your therapist in order to allow your therapist to continue to provide you with the therapeutic massage work they give best. 

BEING HUMAN - The body can have a lot of responses to therapeutic massage. While it's advised to avoid food at least 1 hour before your massage, there's still the chance that you'll have tummy gurgles or even pass gas. It's okay. As the body relaxes and systems get moving, the body can play all kinds of tricks. Your therapist has seen it all, yet sees well beyond those kinds of issues. No need to be embarrassed.  For men, there's even a possibility that massage may cause an erection--a normal response to nervous system activation. It rarely occurs, but if it does, your therapist may shift the focus of the work. No need to be embarrassed or feel you have disrespected the therapist. Some natural bodily functions happen, just be aware of how to handle them professionally. 

IS IT NAP TIME? - Your therapist lets you know your massage session has ended. This is not the time to start napping even though it may be a big desire. This is when you need to take a moment on the table to ready yourself in getting off the table. That doesn't mean you have to jump right up and rush out the door. That would kind of ruin the work that was just accomplished. Carefully sit up on the table, give yourself time to adjust to the light and your body position. If you stand up too fast you could get dizzy and feel like falling over. Don't let that happen. Get up slowly and make sure you have your feet well on the floor before taking a step. Get dressed with consideration to time.The therapist may have another client coming in soon after the end of your massage. When you are all put together and are ready to face the world again, you may open the door and wait for your therapist's directions.

TIPS ON TIPPING - It is customary to tip 15-20% of the price of the massage. BUT, it's ultimately the client's decision. Providing a tip is usually a response to the service. Not always the case. Understanding the 'older' generation, and sometimes the uninformed/uneducated may leave a less-than 15% tip because of the generation they grew up in, they can only afford a small amount as a tip because of their income (like $5/hour wage or something much less that a person would make these days or the wage they were making 40-50-60 years ago). The bottom line is, tip with what you feel comfortable with. If it was the best massage you ever received, maybe more than 20% would be generous. If it wasn't at all what you expected, you have the right to not leave a tip at all. The therapist will not call you on it. (If it's really that bad of a massage, let the therapist know and perhaps they can refer you to a therapist than can give them more of what they are looking for in a massage. We do have resources for finding other massages therapists).

REVIEWS - Whatever kind of experience you have with a therapist (or any service for that matter) it is greatly appreciated when you leave a review/testimonial of your experience, good, bad or both. Not everyone is an expert at every little thing they do or are suppose to do. So criticism should be done as a constructive one. That will make it better for the therapist in reading it as if you are trying to help them and not bash them for doing something you didn't like or thought was not right at all. They do the best they can with what they know and have experience/knowledge in. Something that is common sense for one person may not be common sense for someone else. The person doesn't know until they have been introduced to it. Sometimes that's longer than to be expected so maybe it's better to ask if the person is aware of whatever your concern is. A positive/constructive review is better to look at than a review that is negative all the way with bashing of the service/person because you're also looking at the person leaving the review - is this person willing to help someone or are they too wrapped up in themselves and their problems and just wanting to complain. You make the choice. 

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