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PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies) has been around for decades and widely studied for how it could be used to facilitate healing in all parts of the body. PEMF was utilized by Tesla, Dr. Rife and others as well as being studied and endorsed by NASA. Once it was featured on the Dr. Oz show, PEMF units became popular as a way to manage pain, heal injuries, and improve sleep. In 2004, PEMF was approved by the FDA as an adjuvant (therapy applied after initial treatment) treatment for fractures that have delayed healing.

PEMF units allow the user to set the level of frequency that has been researched as best to facilitate healing of specific areas of the body. Low frequencies provide various health benefits beyond healing such as increased sense of well-being, stress reduction, high states of meditation and states of consciousness.

I use the EarthPulse machine that promotes two main benefits from the 1-14Hz it produces. There are two models: the V.5 Basic ($500) and the V.5 ($700). They both operate the same frequencies but the V.5 has several cycle modes built in to mimic one's sleep cycles as they go through Delta, Theta, and Alpha. First benefit, it enhances and promotes sleep by using the lower frequencies associated with sleep, including the various sleep cycles a person goes through.

EarthPulse’s other main benefit is cellular oxidation. Cellular oxidation improves the efficiency of the cells at the capillary level such that nutrients and wastes can be readily exchanged. Nutrition does us no good unless it gets to the tissues. Oxygen needs to get into the cells and toxins need to be released from the cells to keep the body healthy. When this process is diminished due to poor eating and life style habits, the body is at risk to develop chronic illnesses, especially cancer. Research shows that applying 10 Hz for 10 hours a day for 30 days results in complete oxygenation of the capillaries. This ensures a healthy body and more energy.

Another great benefit of EarthPulse technology is the magnet can be placed directly on the body and to soft tissue. The frequencies have the ability to reduce pain and heal trauma and injuries. I had trouble sleeping through the night. I would wake up 2, 3, or 4 times a night for whatever reason...use the bathroom, change positions, turn my head to other direction. Since I've been using the V5.2 device, I have been sleeping through the whole night and usually for 10-12 hours on average, given I have a degenerative disc at L5-S1 that became VERY painful in May 2016. I might get up after 8-10 hours sleep then go right back to sleep for the next 2-4 hours or so. Know that there are also supplements that should be taken to help your body repair itself better and faster. That information you receive after you purchase a device.

There is a lot of information regarding PEMF. You can start by clicking on the following link.  EARTHPULSE HOME PAGE   That will take you to their website.  A good review/critique of PEMF is by Byrant Meyers and his book "The 5th Element of Health". You can also find more info on his website about the same at  You can find more expensive units but not better units for the money. And don’t forget, you will have 90 days to try it out or send it back for a full refund. And if you go to the EarthPulse website on your own (no extention after and you decide to buy a product/device, please be sure to mention my name (Elizabeth Royce) and my email address (


I use the V5.2 device with clients and all have noticed a positive difference after the session(s) I've used it with them.

This is their Product Page  that tells about them now shipping out 5.2, upgraded from 5. 

Earthpulse is also an ANTI-AGING MACHINE. Click the link for information.

Earthpulse is great for sports performance. ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. Click the link for information.


EMF PROTECTION – Protection from WiFi, Smart Meters, RF Radiofrequency Radiation. Click here.

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If you want to try the mini version of the Earthpulse, click on this link to view the v5.2 Basic Lite, the most economical PEMF device.


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